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What is the time and location of the events?

Exact location and details of each event are available on our Homepage and Facebook Page.

Who Will Be At The Event?

Guests from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds will be present at all events. The mandate for SouthAsianFest is to showcase South Asia to the diaspora as well as the Canadian Mainstream.

What Sort Of Performances Will Be On Stage?

Guests will have a true glimpse of the Indian Sub-Continent with Folk Dances, Songs and Regional representation of South Asian Arts, Culture and Culinary Delights in the heart of Canada’s Capital.

Is There Seating At Ottawa City Hall?

There will be minimum seating provided at Ottawa City Hall. Guests are encouraged to bring their folding chairs as well to maximize their experience at MirchMasalaMegaMela!

Will It Be Very Loud At The MirchMasalaMela?

There will be Music playing on stage. However, you can distance yourself and reduce the impact on your ears by moving farther away from the Stage Area.

Where Do I Park My Vehicle?

Most of our Events are at Ottawa City Hall, which offers Underground Parking for a very nominal fee (Weekends are Free). Guests may also park at the World Exchange Plaza or avail of street parking which is FREE after 5:30 PM.

Will There Be Any Food At The Events?

Dinner will be provided as part of the ticket on the SPLASH! Boat Cruise (Friday August 10th).
Complimentary Snacks are being provided at our events on the following dates (Aug 12,14,15,16).
Food can be purchased from various vendors at the MirchMasalaMegaMela (Aug 17-19).

Is The Event Truly Family-Friendly?

Management will make every attempt to reflect a family-friendly environment with the Entertainment and Ambience at SouthAsianFest.

Will There Be Washrooms On-Site?

Washrooms and Hand Wash sinks will be provided at our events at Ottawa City Hall.

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